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Articles – Management


Articles in this section are aimed at project managers, IT Directors, and anyone else involved with the procurement of business intelligence platforms.




*  Developer Productivity and Ease of Use

*  ... more to come ...



FAQ – General Usage


Have you come across any errors while using BI Publisher?  You might find the answer in this section.


*  “Query Builder” hangs when creating a “BI Server” report

*  “Load Report Parameters Error” when uploading template

*  “Run-time error 4248” error when exiting MS Word

*  ... more to come ...



FAQ – OBE BI Publisher Tutorials


Oracle provides a set of OBE tutorials for BI Publisher (you'll find them here).  There is certain degree of overlap and repetition between the different tutorials, but they still offer a useful introduction to BI Publisher.  Unfortunately, the design of BI Publisher has been changed since these tutorials were written, so you’ll notice many differences in the screen layout compared to the screen dumps found in the tutorials (for information on these and on other changes see the Oracle Business Intelligence New Features Guide Release  If you encounter any errors while trying to follow the instructions, then you might find the answer in this section.


Getting Started with Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher:


*  “Template Builder” link not found in BI Publisher

*  “Windows cannot access specified device path” from “Template Builder”

*  “Admin” tab is missing in BI Publisher

*  Query Builder wants to run add-on “MSXLM 5.0”

*  “Publish Template As” menu item does not exist

*  “Text Form Fields Options” dialog box does not exist

*  MS Word Bug: “A valid date or time is required”

*  Can’t see “Title” field in BI Publisher Chart editor

*  ... more to come ...


Integration of Oracle BI Publisher with OBIEE:


*  The role of hint text when inserting charts and tables

*  “On Grouping” option disabled for “Calendar Month Name” field

*  “ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException” when previewing report

*  ... more to come ...



Wish list


When it comes to BI Publisher, your principal wish might be to have it assimilated into OBIEE.  But, until that time, here are a selection of modifications that would make for a more user-friendly product.


*  Scroll Bar in Table Wizard LOVs

*  ... more to come ...