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          Getting Started with Oracle BI Publisher  




“Template Builder” link not found in BI Publisher


Q: I’m trying to install BI Publisher Desktop from within BI Publisher.  The tutorial says to click on the Template Builder link under Folder and Report Tasks but this link is not displayed”?


Click on “more” under “Shared Folders”.  You’ll find the “Template Builder” link in the “Developer Tools” section on the bottom-left.



“Windows cannot access specified device path” from “Template Builder”


Q: When I click on the Template Builder link to install BI Desktop Publisher I get a “cannot access the specified device path” error?


If you click on “Template Builder” you’ll get a standard “Run/Save” Windows pop-up.  If you select “Run”, you’ll get a second “Run” pop-up as a security check.  If you press “Run” again you’ll get the error message:


*  Windows cannot access the specified device path.  You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item.


When the first pop-up appears select “Save” instead of “Run”, and select a directory to save file “BIPublisherDesktop.exe”.  Navigate to this directory, and double click on the executable.  When the installation completes, open Word and you should see an "Oracle BI Publisher" menu item and the following five items on the toolbar: “Data”, “Insert”, “Preview”, “Tools”, and “Help”.



“Admin” tab is missing in BI Publisher


Q: I’m trying to do the BI Publisher Getting Started tutorial.  I installed Publisher along with OBIEE.  I can log into Publisher as Administrator/Administrator, but the Admin tab is not displayed?


Ah, the curse of SOA strikes again!  I don’t know if it’s any comfort, but you haven’t done anything wrong.  The problem is a mis-specified configuration file.  BIP can be configured to use a local “eXtensible Data Object” (XDO) security model or it can be configured to rely on OBIEE for security authentication.  The setting defaults to the latter, which doesn’t work with the default configuration of OBIEE.  The simplest solution is to decouple BIP security from OBIEE security and to re-configure BIP to make use of the local security setting.  In directory


*  <oraclebi home>\xmlp\XMLP\Admin\Configuration


edit file “xmlp-server-config.xml” and change the line


*  <property name=”SECURITY_MODEL” value=”BI_SERVER”/>




*  <property name=”SECURITY_MODEL” value=”XDO”/>


Stop OC4J (Start => Program Files => Oracle Business Intelligence => Stop OC4J) and then restart it again (Start => Program Files => Oracle Business Intelligence => Start OC4J).


Now the “Admin” tab should be visible when you log into BIP.



Query Builder wants to run add-on “MSXLM 5.0”


Q: I’ve opened Query Builder in the BIP tutorial and it’s asking if I want to run MSXLM 5.0?


Yes, you need to allow this ActiveX to run to progress with the tutorial.



“Publish Template As” menu item does not exist


Q: I’m creating a BIP template in Word.  The tutorial says to select Publish Template As from the Oracle BI Publisher menu, but it doesn’t exist?


The “Publish Template As” menu item has been replaced by menu item “Upload Template As”.  Use this menu item instead.



“Text Form Fields Options” dialog box does not exist


Q: I can’t find the Text Form Fields Options dialog box when I double click on Hire Date?


This dialog box has been replaced by the “BI Publisher Properties” pop-up, and the fields have been split between two pop-up windows.



MS Word Bug: “A valid date or time is required”


Q: I’m trying to enter a date format into the BI Publisher Properties window as part of the tutorial.  When I select a Type of Date the display text is wiped out.  So I put it back in.  When I press OK I get an error message “A valid date or time is required”?


This is a bug in MS Word.  When you enter the “BI Publisher Properties” pop-up window press the “Word Properties” button.  Select a “Type” of “Date” and a “Date Format” of “M/d/yyyy”.  Press OK.  The field name will be lost when you return to the template, but this will not affect the report output (if you double-click on the now blank field you’ll see that the values of “Type” and “Format” have been copied to the fields in the first pop-up window.



Can’t see “Title” field in BI Publisher Chart editor


Q: I’m trying to set the title for a chart with the BI Publisher Chart editor.  The screen doesn’t match that in the tutorial, and there’s no Title field?


With the new layout, the “Title” field has been removed and a property called “Title” has been added to the “Title” section within the “Properties” list box.  It won’t be visible by default, but if you scroll down to the bottom then you’ll find it.