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The role of hint text when inserting charts and tables


Q: In the Category Sales and Profits report in Word the tutorial says to insert the charts and the table in the appropriate places.  Is this after or before the hints?


The hints in angle brackets look as though they might be special mark-up – just like the form fields.  But they are simply text.  Insert a chart or the table before or after the hint text, as you please, and then delete the hint text.



“On Grouping” option disabled for “Calendar Month Name” field


Q: When adding the Calendar Month Name field in the Category Sales and Profits report in Word the tutorial says to select the On Grouping option, but this option is disabled?


This is a bug in the tutorial – the instruction was probably copied down from those associated with the previous field and not deleted.  The previous field – the sum profit field – is defined as an aggregation, so you select “sum” from the “Calculation” LOV, and in doing so you enable the “On Grouping” check box.  But in the case of this field its value is a constant for all the rows in the group so no calculation or grouping is required.



“ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException” when previewing report


Q: I’m trying to preview the Category Sales and Profits report in Word but I get the error message “java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException ... Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1”


Unfortunately, the Word component of BI Publisher falls over fairly easily – as this bug demonstrates.  There are relatively few validation checks that the template you’ve created actually conforms to what BI Publisher expects.  Putting fields in the wrong group can certainly cause this type of error.  In the case of the tutorial you would get this error if you placed the “Total Profit” line after, rather than before, the pair of grouping fields that occur at the end of the template (the ones beginning “end by _Calendar ...” and “end ROW ...” respectively).  If you’ve done this then just move the “Total Profit” line upwards to that it begins immediately after the table definition.


If that’s not the problem then save the template under a dummy file name.  Then progressively remove functionality from the template and run the preview after each change until you determine the location of the error – unfortunately debugging the Word component of BI Publisher comes straight from the world of computer programming circa the 1980s!