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FAQ: Discoverer Installation


Installing Oracle products is always daunting.  Do you need a workaround for the workaround?


*  Canít install Discoverer due to a Windows system file error

*  ... more to come ...



FAQ: Discoverer Administrator


Have you encountered any bugs, boojums, or Oracle oopsies while using Discoverer Administrator?  Hereís a list of some of the questions asked by developers:


*  Canít create EUL due to failure of tablespace grant in

*  Canít create automated summaries in Discoverer Administrator

*  ... more to come ...



FAQ: OBE Tutorials,


Taking longer to install a tutorial than to work through it?  Here are some suggestions:


*  Canít install BI sample files due to invalid password

*  BI sample file installation fails due to error in log file

*  EUL tables are inaccessible during installation of tutorial samples

*  Sqlplus not recognised when trying to install tutorial samples

*  ... more to come ...