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OBIEE won’t work!


Q: It won’t work, and I’ve tried everything?


The Oracle BI processes can be rather “ornery cusses” at times.  When you boot the system sometimes the “Automatic” processes start, and sometimes they don’t.  Stop a process, change a parameter, and sometimes you can’t get it to restart.


Whenever you’re stuck make sure you do the following.  First turn any firewalls or anti-virus checkers off: it's possible for OBIEE to work perfectly well with these until an error occurs; but in order to clear the error you may have to turn them off.  Then set all the BI processes to “Manual”, perform a hard-reboot of the system, and then start the processes up in the following order:


*  Oracle BI Server

*  Oracle BI Presentation Services

*  Oracle BI Java Host

*  Oracle BI Scheduler

*  Oracle BI Cluster Controller (only in a cluster configuration)


If this doesn’t work then repeat the hard-reboot several times – it's quite common to find, say, that the first two reboots don't work, but the system comes up on the third attempt!


If rebooting doesn’t work then restore all the configuration files to their installation values after saving the current configuration files – you were, of course, wise enough to keep copies of the original configuration files, now weren’t you?  If OBIEE works with the original configuration files, then there’s something about the new configuration files that is causing the problem.  Re-implement them in stages until you find the source of the problem.


But if OBIEE doesn’t work with the original configuration files, then the problem is due to some change to the Windows, OBIEE, or other application software installed on the machine.  Restore all software and configuration files that were present when you first installed OBIEE (and it worked) – from the image backup you were prescient enough to make at the time.  Then incrementally add the changes to the software that you’ve made since the OBIEE installation.  When you’ve found the software change that’s causing the problem, then restore the system to its current configuration – using the image backup you’ve just made of the current configuration, of course.  Then fix the software problem in the current version.


If none of the above works, then have a word with a Microsoft or IBM salesman!



Presentation Services has HTTP 500 Internal Server Error


Q: I’ve tried to bring up the Presentation Services screen but I’m getting a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.  It was working fine before and I haven't changed anything?


OBIEE is a cantankerous beast, and has a habit of getting it’s “knickers in a twist”.  Try stopping and then starting the "Oracle BI Java Host" process.  Doing so will usually fix this problem.



Error: 1064: An exception occurred ... when starting the BI Scheduler


Q: I’m getting a control request exception when starting the BI Scheduler?


If, when starting the BI Scheduler, you get the following error:


*  Error: 1064: An exception occurred in the service when handling the control request


then first check that the Scheduler has been properly configured to access the repository where it stores its data.  Open the “Job Manager” from the “Oracle Business Intelligence” menu and then navigate to “File => Configuration Options”.  Make sure that all the following fields have valid values: “Database Type”, “Call Interface”, “Data Source Name”, “Username”, and “Password”.  When the Scheduler attempts to start-up, it first verifies that it can connect to the repository, and if it cannot (because, for example, the “Data Source Name” does not refer to a valid entry in the “tnsnames.ora” file), then you’ll get the error message listed above.  By way of confirmation, verify that you can connect to the repository using the configuration data by other means, such as by using SQL*Plus.



“Account is locked by OCI call ... Could not connect to Oracle database”


Q: When I try to run a query in Answers I get “the account is locked at OCI call OCILogon”?


This can happen for various reasons – for example, when trying to rename a repository that is currently online.  You may get the error message:


*  ORA-28000: the account is locked at OCI call OCLogon. [nQSError: 17014] Could not connect to Oracle database. (HY000)


or even just the “Could not connect” component of it.  What’s surprising is that the account that is locked has nothing to do with OBIEE.  It’s the Oracle database schema used by the “Connection Pool” within the repository – account “sh” in the case of the tutorials.


Logon to SQL*Plus as “sys” or “system” and issue the command:


*  alter user <user name> account unlock;


Unfortunately, this error seems to tie the entire OBIEE configuration up in “knots”, so you may well have to reboot the system to get “Answers” up and working again.



Reordering items on Dashboard Properties page forces logoff


Q: When I click on the reorder button on the Dashboard Properties page I get logged off.  When I log in again I’m back at the same page and the reordering has taken place.  So to move an item up five places I have to log in five times?


I think you can call this a bug, and not a feature!  The Presentation Services is generally very well behaved, but occasionally it gets ... well you know!  To clear intermittent errors like this one, log out of Presentation Services and then log in again.  If logging out doesn’t work then try rebooting the system.