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          Creating and Modelling Aggregate Tables  




“Unable to connect to port 9705 on machine localhost”


Q: When I click OK in the Machine Name window I get an “Unable to connect to port 9705 on machine localhost”?


The instructions early on in the tutorial ask you to start the BI Presentation Services and the BI Server, but they forget to tell you to start the BI Scheduler – that’s what the Job Manager was expecting to find on port 9705, but didn’t.



Aggregate job never seems to complete


Q: When I start the Aggregate job running in the Job Manager window the Next Run Time is set but the job never seems to complete – the Last Run Time never gets set?


The tutorial instructions are a little unhelpful at this point.  Click on “All Instances” in the left-hand pane.  An entry should appear in the “Job Instance View” pane with a status of “Completed”.  If you click on “All Jobs” again you’ll see that the “Next Run Time” item is now blank and the “Last Run Time” item has been populated – unfortunately, the Job Manager is not “bright” enough to update the screen all by itself!



Which Connection Pool to use


Q: When I right-click the Ag_Salesfacts table to update the row count I get a Select Connection Pool window.  Which connection pool should I use?


Select either the “Connection Pool” or the “Aggregate Connection Pool” connection pool and then press the “Select” button – the choice doesn’t matter since both have read access to the relevant schema.