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If youíre new to OWB and data warehousing, then the following overview will give you some idea of the wide range of functionality thatís available in the product:


*  Developer's overview

*  ... more to come ...





Have you encountered any bugs, boojums, or Oracle oopsies while using OMB Plus?  Hereís a list of some of the questions asked by OMB Plus developers:


*  Developer-friendly alternative to OMB Plus 11g reference guide

*  Canít find record even when it exists

*  Missing role when trying to create a workspace

*  Displaying Tcl variable substitutions in API commands

*  Canít drop project even when it exists

*  ... more to come ...



FAQ: Design Center


Is the Design Center behaving in a mysterious fashion, not doing what you expect it to do?  Well, here are answers to some of the questions posed by Design Center developers:


*  Locations keep losing their passwords

*  Canít delete a location or change its properties

*  Canít delete a project

*  Invalid upgrade plan

*  ... more to come ...



OBE OWB 11g Tutorials


If youíre new to Oracle Warehouse Builder, then Oracleís OBE tutorials are well worth investigating.  The tutorials are very easy to follow.  On the rare occasions when clarification is needed Iíll provide some suggestions in the following notes to help you on your way:


*  Overview

*  Database and OWB Preparation

*  Starting with Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g Release 1

*  Working with Flat File Transactional Data

*  ... more to come ...