Productivity:   Pentaho   (3-15)x OBIEE     
          Pentaho and Horizontal Partitioning knock the "socks off" OBIEE  




Synergy between Horizontal Partitioning and Pentaho


While a discussion of the features that in principle make Pentaho a very productive BI suite are interesting, it would be even more interesting to answer the question, “How, in practice, does Pentaho developer productivity compare to that of OBIEE?”


Well, we’ve worked through a set of common BI stack development tasks, using both Pentaho and OBIEE, and we’ve found Pentaho to be the more productive product by a factor ranging between 3 and 15.


Excluded from this comparison are peripheral administrative tasks undertaken by developers, such as application documentation and the moving of code into and out of version control. So, on a very conservative basis, we estimate that developers working across the stack using Pentaho should be at least twice as productive as their “siloed” OBIEE equivalents, and probably much more so.


But bear in mind that this productivity gain won’t come just by switching from OBIEE to Pentaho: it also requires a very different and more agile way of working, one that will come as quite a culture shock to some organisations, one that requires developers who are not only technically competent when it comes to problem solving, but who are also articulate and business savvy.