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Permanent or contract developer resource is more readily available for OBIEE than for Pentaho. The rapid growth of Pentaho from a comparatively small installed base is likely to exacerbate skill shortages. So, organisations considering the move to Pentaho will need to factor in the need to cross-train most, if not all, of their existing OBIEE developers. While Pentaho has a much faster learning curve than OBIEE, its documentation is less than satisfactory, and so IT managers need to be careful and not promise too much too soon.


What is even more important, if the productivity gains offered by Pentaho are to be realised, is the need to change the IT culture and train developers to work across the entire BI stack. Doing so will add to the learning curve as developers will have to familiarize themselves with concepts that are related to BI stack components that they may not have worked with in the past.