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And the winner is Open-Source


The following table shows a feature-by-feature comparison of the benefits offered by Pentaho relative to OBIEE (ratios >1, marked in blue, favour Pentaho; ratios < 1, marked in red, favour OBIEE):


FeaturePentaho / OBIEE
Licence / Subscription Costs [1]10.0
Product Extensibility5.0
Product Integration3.0
Big Data 3.0
Total Cost of Ownership [2]2.0
Architecture and Overall Functionality2.0
Developer Productivity2.0
Ease of Use2.0
Future Enhancements2.0
Statistics, Predictive Analytics, Data Science2.0
Quality of Layout and Presentation1.5
Support for Large Enterprises1.5
Supported Software and Datasources1.5
Security and Authentication1.1
Like-for-Like Functionality1.0
Developer Resource0.7


Our overall conclusion is that for almost all use cases, compared to OBIEE, Pentaho offers more “bang for your buck”: a lot more by way of functionality for a lot less by way of “blood and treasure”.




[1] For an organisation with 500 BI users, the ratio is nearer to 20.


[2] Based on a 50% reduction in BI suite productivity-related labour costs with a new way of developer deployment and a BI suite that supports the new way of working.