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Component Reference


When considering a move from OBIEE to Pentaho, a major consideration is whether Pentaho could support your existing range of applications, everything from browsers, to security providers, to datasources. The list of supported components can be found at:


*  Component Reference





In broad terms, any data source that has a JDBC driver can be supported; for a list of JDBC drivers see:


*  JDBC Drivers


The standard lightweight datasources, such as XML, Excel, and Web Services, and are also supported, together with a wide and growing range of analytic databases and NoSQL sources.



Browser Limitations


One point to be aware of is that with the current version of Pentaho only versions 10 and 11 of Internet Explorer are supported, whereas many organisations using OBIEE will be on earlier versions. Most large organisations are very slow when it comes to upgrading browser versions, and given that an upgrade will impact all browser-based software, doing so just to meet the requirements of a user subgroup may not be easy. However, it might be possible to add an additional browser, such as FireFox, to the BI profiles of the relevant user subgroup.